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Ax el air xenodawn. AX:EL – Air XenoDawn

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AX:EL - Air XenoDawn Windows game - Indie DB

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Combining the very best of sci-fi and aerial dogfighting gameplay, AX:EL delivers a totally new gaming experience. Create your very own shape-shifting vehicle and dominate both the sky and the ocean. Build your own bespoke aircraft, from mainframe to wings. Dominate the skies then watch your aircraft morph in to a silent underwater killing machine as you chase the enemy from the blue skies in to the darkest depths of the ocean. The game has grown a lot since its first appearance on Early Access: Ship customisation now gives huge freedom and allows you to create your own vehicle with a unique setup. The campaign mode had a complete rewrite with a deeper story, mission briefings,landings and take-offs. There's even the cockpit view for full-immersion into the dogfigths.