Why does my ex hate me. Why Does He Hate Me and Why Do I Care? – Ladywithatruck's Blog

Why does my ex hate me. The Real Reasons Why Your Ex Hates You No Reason

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Does Your Ex Boyfriend Hate And Despise You? Let's Find Out

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By Nicola Kirkpatrick. It's a fairly common reaction for an ex-romantic partner to hate the person who broke up with them. They may hate you simply because they loved you, and they were not ready to end the relationship when you were. Of course, you may also be in a situation where your ex broke up with you, and now you not only have to deal with being dumped, but also with their hatred. Their hatred is certainly torturing them, but you may be suffering as well. Here's what may be going on if you're asking, "Why do I care if my ex hates me?