How to see others status on whatsapp. How To Hide Your Last seen On WhatsApp But Still See Others

How to see others status on whatsapp. Did you know you can see someone’s WhatsApp status without being seen as one of the stalkers?

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Tips to View Someone’s WhatsApp Status | Instafollowers

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WhatsApp tweaked its user interface with the launch of Status, which has been treated to its own dedicated tab above the conversation list. To access Status, you can either tap the tab or swipe left from the WhatsApp home screen. To post your own status, hit the My Status button at the top of the Status screen or the circular green icon in the bottom right corner. You can resize and rotate the emoji with a pinch, and resize and rotate the text, as well as change its colour and font. Though status updates automatically disappear after 24 hours, you can delete yours early if you want to. You can easily mute a status too, in order to stop it from appearing at the top of the list on your Status screen. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.