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Gogea mitu fight. Gogea Mitu: 330lb 7'4 Gargantuan

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The Tallest Boxer in History, Descendant of an Ancient Race of Giants? | babycenterblog.info

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He also had a brother named Tudorel, who had the same gigantism as Gogea, but he died at the age of seven. He was 1. It was said that he was highly intelligent; despite not going to school, he learned to read by himself at the age of three, as he had the stature of a five — six year old child. By age 17 he had become so famous that a circus owner from Prague offered him a job, to be presented as a human rarity. He also presented shows at the Globus Circus in Monaco. His circus career was brief, but very fortuitous, because he was spotted by the successful Italian boxer and talent scout Umberto Lancia, who taught Mitu how to box and later became his manager.