Gentian violet mixed with shampoo. DIY Purple Hair, with no damage and potentially purple-stained everything – Trashcan Rebellion

Gentian violet mixed with shampoo. MapleHolistics

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Gentian Violet?

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Toner cancels out and corrects unwanted tones in your hair — brassy yellow, gold, orange, red or ash. Hair toner assists with evening out color or highlights, and camouflages or acts as a filler to even out the hairs porosity making your hair flawless from roots to tip. Conditioner 2. Gentian Violet also known as Crystal Violet 3. Spoon something to mix with 6. Step 1: Put on gloves and squeeze out a handful of conditioner in a container preferably a container you can close, so that if you make too much, you can keep it for next time.