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Cheburashka olympics. A Beast of Unknown Origins

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Children memorized and recited the songs in choruses during school assemblies and for events of the communist youth organization known as the Pioneers. I recall the larger-than-life role that the series occupied in my childhood. When we immigrated to the United States in , we took our filmstrip projector and a handful of cartoon strips with us, including the first Cheburashka episode. The director Roman Kachanov typifies the classic refugee background of many of the Jewish men that he drew into the project. Kachanov recruited Teodor Bunimovich, a photojournalist who recorded many frontline documentaries of Nazi atrocities in Belarus, as his cameraman. Yet, as this animated series demonstrates, despite systematic anti-Semitism and narrow dogmatism, a lively and active Jewish culture developed in the centralized animation studio Soyuzmultfilm—the largest animation studio in all of Eastern Europe—right in the middle of Moscow.