Celebrities with stds. 20 Hottest Celebrities + Famous People With Herpes & STDs

Celebrities with stds. 25 Celebrities Who Reportedly Have STDs

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25 Celebrities Who Reportedly Have STDs

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List of celebrities who seem like they are riddled with STDs. We aren't saying the stars on the list below are carrying a sexually transmitted disease, but that there is a possibility that they might. It's not uncommon for people who seem perfectly healthy to carry an STD, including the celebs below. The list includes some of the hottest hot messes in Hollywood, famous people who have been caught with prostitutes , and even the druggiest rock stars of all time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified a number of sexually transmitted diseases, which affect a reported 12 million cases in the U. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of STDs is practicing safe sex. Another way to contract a serious infection is by sharing IV drug needles or injecting oneself with an infected needle.