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Vanessa williams penthouse photos. Vanessa Williams Penthouse Photos Scandal

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Vanessa Williams Penthouse Photos: Magazine's Infamous Spread - CBS News

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NEW YORK -- Vanessa Williams, who relinquished her Miss America crown when Penthouse magazine published sexually explicit photos of her, also had posed nude for another photographer, a Penthouse magazine spokesman said today. Miss Williams said her decision to resign was precipitated by the fear that the second set of pictures would be made public and 'people wouldn't forgive me for a second mistake,' The New York Times reported. Those pictures, taken by photographer Greg Whitman, were scheduled for publication in the January edition of Penthouse, said Sy Presten, a spokesman for the magazine's owner, Bob Guccione. In addition, Presten said previously unreleased photographs of Miss Williams taken by Tom Chiapel, who photographed the first nude session, will be published in November. Chiapel's first session had photographs of Miss Williams posing nude with another woman and were published in the September issue of the magazine. The pictures forced Miss Williams' resignation.