Entry gate images. Entrance Gate Stock Photos And Images - RF

Entry gate images. Entrance Gate Stock Photos and Images

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A lychgate , also spelled lichgate , lycugate , lyke-gate or as two separate words lych gate , from Old English lic , corpse is a gateway covered with a roof found at the entrance to a traditional English or English-style churchyard. The name resurrection gate is also used. It is cognate with the modern German Leiche , Dutch lijk and lichaam , West Frisian lyk and Swedish lik , all meaning "corpse". There is also a German phrase for one who could talk to the dead as a medium or Leiche Zunge. The word also appears in Old English and pre-Christian Galway as a "Lich Tongue" — referring to one thought able to appease the spirits of upset ancestors and spirits returning to former abodes and creating turmoil on All Hallows' Eve Halloween or Samhain.