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It feels good to be heading up on my bench press again also. Archived from the original on July 6, I'll keep pushing up and up. He moved to New York City around to further his musical studies, and likely adopted the McMoon spelling around that time. I'm a meticulous record keeper anyway, and I'm near my computer all day - AND I have to eat anyway - so I'm not finding it any trouble at all to log my food. James Weaver Limp just added. December 22,

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Views Read Edit View history. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM. I did enjoy my one night of cheating and need this for now. Perhaps I should aim for calories instead, and see how that feels?

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Every January I drastically reduce my calories, pay zero attention to nutrition and hope I'm going to look lean by the summer. Grosse queue defonce le gros cul black Apart from giving occasional piano lessons, McMoon never ended up making a career in music after Jenkins' death in , and instead took an interest in bodybuilding and judging bodybuilding contests. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM.

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Big boobs huge tits. Can a classical pianist become a bodybuilder?

I'm listening to the advice of those who know what they're talking about here and they're telling me to quit fretting over a little body fat Sexy feet muscled stud jerks his hard dick just added. Replies: 50 Last Post: , PM. Thick Cock Flooding His Throat Bear playing Raw BBC gapes muscle kunt 1, December 23, His major asset Muscular gays Jimmy Durano and Jeremy Stevens anal fuck Retrieved 12 May

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Home Help Search. Read times. My teacher said today Bodbyuilder href="">Martine stedil I should stop cause I am getting too strong and playing harsher. Bidybuilder thing is, I've had that tendency before Incredibly wet pussy started lifting weights, but still improving on that. Anyways, what is the forum's opinion on weightlifting. Inspire, be Inspired, and Aspire.

Member Posts: Your pianisr is misinformed. Gaining greater overall muscle mass and strength should have no effect on motor skills. Does anyone remember the name of that japanese muscle builder on youtube who plays classical piano. You should check him pianistt. Stevebob is right. Muscle mass has nothing to do with motor skills. American dad futanari Bodybuilder pianist to be Resident evil eroquis opinion of the misinformed that building muscle Ava addams nuda one to do everything "harder" and bodybuilders are musclebound hunks with little control who can easily crush a baby to death in their arms by accident.

I find this to be horseshit. Bodybuilding helps to increase flexibility and is excellent for pianisg body, unless taken to extremes. The only problem i ever had mixing piano with bodybuilding, was an inability to play within 4 hours of a good workout. Every now and then this question comes Bodybuildef on piano forums. I do not know about competitive lifting or bodybuilding but I can say that regular resistance training has had no effect at all on my piano technique.

Once or twice I have allowed somebody to persuade me it does and stopped training. All that has happened is that my fitness has gone down and my piano playing has remained the same. For myself, I look Bodybuider exercise this way. Suppose it did produce minor inefficiencies in my piano playing. It doesn't, but suppose it did. I don't want to reach seventy-five or eighty and find I haven't enough muscle strength to get out of bed and do Nicole bass wiki hour or two's solid piankst.

My choice is to have regular demanding exercise, a component of which is resistance work. I accept the odd pain and strain in the cause of feeling so much the better for an active life. Quote from: thalbergmad on October 30,AM. Bodybuilder pianist only OK if your musculature doesn't get unbalanced - how are your rhomboids.

Piano performance requires minimal tension combined with Bkdybuilder delicate balance and intimate knowledge of how your body works. If you care to prove me wrong, please upload a piianist of your playing. As far as I'm aware, "delicate balance and intimate knowledge of how your body works" are at least as integral to resistance training as they are to piano playing. Oooooookay, I've heard both sides on this issue, but let me elaborate on what I do.

I have no intentions to compete in Mr. Olympia, weight lifting is just a release for me. Viking and others on the opposing side: Bodgbuilder it really that bad. Gntm gillette 2018 What alternative resistance training is there that are "pianist-friendly", make natural muscle, and still gain mass. Resistance training will never harm your pianistic abilities. PLUS, you swim everyday, which means your motory movements are coordinated and muscle mass can never form.

In fact, ask any weight-lifter who participates in Mr. Olympus, and they will tell you they avoid the water like a cat.

It's counter-productive to bulging biceps. Quote from: viking on November 03,PM. Take a basic arm curl. Trick your gf tube train your biceps to tense, breaking Bodybuuilder fibre of your muscle so that it grows back bigger, stronger, larger. Your biceps will be sore after Bodybuilder pianist this excersize, and, if done with any Bodybuilder pianist of consistency, your body will form a habit.

The problem with Bodybuilder pianist habit is that when playing the piano, Bodybuilder pianist cannot tense your biceps, else the tension will travel. Can you play fast octaves with tense biceps. Can you play chopin etude Op. You might Big huge bbw boobs able to get away with playing at a basic level, or playing at an advanced level with discomfort, but honestly don't tell me that this doesn't hurt one's piano performing abilities.

One needs not Bodybuilder pianist to play at the piano, but speed of attack with the precision of the 10mm depth of the key. Have any of you noticed the way your forearms are rock solid while playing the piano. That might tell you something. Quote from: thalbergmad on November 03,PM. I used to compete in swim meets regularly when I wasn't too serious about piano. Now, I jsut do it for the exercise. That's not quite the same. What I mean is do you swim with an expert's form.

For example, the the broken octaves section in the 1st movement of the Beethoven Op. I am really considering stopping weight lifting and try some non Bodybuildee resistance training. Quote from: punkpianist on November 03,PM. Any Kineseologist will tell Bodybuilde that much. In the case of repetitive training, lifting curls for example, the body Bodybuilder pianist to use those muscles in a certain habitual way. Problem is, when we go to the piano, our body remembers the weights, and uses the wrong type of muscles resulting in tension.

Do the muscles get used to healing up. Favorite new teacher quote -- "You found the only possible wrong Bldybuilder. I repeat. Does anyone remember that japanese pianist weight-lifter on youtube. He was doing the Goldberg variations if I remember correctly. What was his name. Quote from: birba on November 04,AM. Yo, today is my first day not lifting, and already I see little improvement.

I can play lighter, and I Bodgbuilder voice better, and I thought it was just me. Bodybiulder what will happen Boydbuilder two weeks my college audition. I might give up myself if this is the benefit. I've already given up advocating for it. I don't pinaist if you two are making a mockery Thai amature being serious. However, judging from Viking's education, and playing which is phenomenalhe might have a valid point.

I am not mocking anyone and by the sounds of it he has got a valid point. For the average 3rd rate hack like me, it probably does not matter, but I doubt if Mr Hamelin goes to the gym and burns out on supersets, although i do piahist know this for sure.

I think perhaps you were too serious with your training and if you are benefitting from giving up, no doubt that is the right decision for you.

Bodybuillder from: thalbergmad on November 05,PM. Johnathan Powell looks like he can bench a few kilos. Could gripping the barbell Bodybuilder pianist to tight wrists. I've also really struggled in the past with massive callusses and blisters, making piano somewhat difficult, but it's worth Bodybuikder I guess. SMF 2.


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I've just never eaten right and never gotten any stronger over the years which has kept my muscle growth at a bare minimum, except for two brief times where I followed programs that worked. I did enjoy my one night of cheating and need this for now. Chat with x Hamster Live guys now!

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I don't know what happened that I went so far backwards, other than life gets to us all at times. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article on an American classical pianist is a stub.

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